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Absent Meteors by Steve Brightman

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"Absent The" was written by Steve Brightman in October 2012, at his usual rate of one poem per day. "The" is absent from his work in this chapbook, minus one reference in his title poem.

"You, friend, are no Sisyphus.
You may have your boulders.
We all have our boulders.

"But we don't all have to push.
Step off that pathway and
watch that boulder roll on by.

"It will come to rest someplace.
It will not be going any place soon.
It will be there if you want it."

- His Only World

"The Logic of Meteors" is a peculiar look at how weather is, more frequently than not, a peripheral character in the lives we lead.

"This summer is
the summer of
unfolded wings
and skyscraper
-- Umbrellas on Decks

"The branches were
a symphony of whips
in the wind."
-- Symphony of Whips

"There is never a vacuum between seasons,
there is never an absence here."
-- The New Empty

About the author: 
Steve Brightman lives in Kent, OH with his parrot and two cadaverous knees. Every day he becomes more and more convinced that the music of the spheres is camouflaged by trains rumbling down their tracks.

Steve Brightman has a long version and a short version of his writing philosophy.
Long version: Stop talking about writing and start writing.
Short version: Shut up and write.

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