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First Reality Novel


A deep, captivating novel that will be a phenomenal read and well worth it just to read the novel. However, the novel will contain clues to a real life treasure hunt. The novel is the map. The prize will be half a million dollars. That’s right, 500,000 real dollars hidden somewhere in the United States, available to the first person to interpret the clues and decipher the hidden messages leading to the exact location of the treasure. One clue will lead to the next. It will be a race that will appeal to a wide variety of talents so that no single person will have the greatest advantage over any other. Some of the methods used in the novel will be the same methods that must be used by the searchers to decipher the codes. The book will lead the reader to the first clue, and may contain information that will be usable deeper into the search. At the first clue, he/she will find directions to the next clue, and so on until the actual treasure is found.

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