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Malkiese Paythress, Poet/Photographer/Visual Artist

 Malkiese Paythress is a poet/photographer/visual artist from the Cleveland area. The work he delivers is conscious and reflective of the issues in the community. His emotions, visuals and words are rhythmically expressed through an abstract, eclectic fusion of ideas arranged ‘right of center’. Malkiese has performed at venues throughout Cleveland and Ohio. Some of the affairs include: Cleveland Ingenuity Festival, Artist Review Today’s June Artist Review Show, and various events at Cleveland City Hall. He has several illustrated poetry books published (illKrapht Paythress Publishing) including:

Will Someone Get My Damn Bond!!,

Life Contemplated: Free Verse From Incarceration

Abstrak Urban Consep2all Poetik

His books are available at Knights Press will soon be publishing a fourplay by Malkiese "Statement of the Case and the Facts".

For more info about Malkiese, check out:

Art creation is the documentation of the soul’s voice… illKrapht Designs… p.e.a.c.e.

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