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Grand Tournament III Anthology

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Anthology (plus Free PDF)

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The Grand Tournament sought
the best writer on page and stage.
Fifteen writers entered.
Five writers advanced and competed
for a full length book deal
with Writing Knights Press.
Who wins?
A Word from the Editor 
          Thank you so much for acquiring this volume of The Squire. It means a lot that you have gone through the trouble to steal/purchase/win the book. I hope it brings you many enjoyable hours of reading.
           This is our Third Grand Tournament and we keep getting better every year. Our competitors brought their absolute best work to the page and if you are privy to the stage round you’ll know the Judges made their best judgment. 
          Writing Knights is committed to finding those most connected to themselves and able to convey their thoughts and feelings through the written word to their audience. That is essentially what the Grand Tournament is about, connection. Writers who can connect to their  audience through the page and then through the stage.
           Writing Knights is glad to publish work by all of our competitors in this anthology and we hope to receive submitted manuscripts from them in the future.
          As for you, the reader, I have a challenge, or if you prefer, a homework assignment. Put together your best work and YOU enter the Grand Tournament next year. Even if you don’t make it to the finals, you will have at least proven to yourself you are committed to the perpetuation of poetry and the connection with a world wide audience.
           And next year, like this, will be glad I am not one of the judges. It would be just too difficult a decision. 
Thank you again.
          Azriel Johnson     

Director of Operations     
Writing Knights Press 

Publication Date:
Jul 17 2014
1500538418 / 9781500538415
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Poetry / Anthologies

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