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Alluc is a video search engine that scours the web for links to free video streams and downloads. You can watch movies online whether you want to stream or download the links directly. Alluc searches the net for links to 334 different hosts and collects the data on the content where it is found. That way you know exactly what quality the links are you want to watch. The sites former concept was that of a user-generated video link list, but with its recent relaunch it switched to a fully automated search engine approach and grew the amount of indexed links from 3 million to over 34 million.

What sets Alluc apart from any competitors is the ability to refine search parameters. You can search by host. If a video search engine has a movie you want to see, but all searches are muddled, Alluc can help cut through it all. Example: if you want to keep your searches strictly to Youtube you can enter your keyword followed by ‘’ to direct you to links on youtube with that keyword. You can also filter by title keyword by entering ‘name:Keyword’. You can search by source. Let’s say you saw a video on Facebook. You could enter ‘’ and find the video there or if you are seeking an exact title you can enter ‘srctitle:Keyword’ to find it that way. If you want to watch movies online that have just been released, you can sort by #newlinks. There is so much Alluc can do. Check it out today!

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