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RoomHints, the new iPhone App founded by Tiffany Willson was just rated number 1 by Consumer Reports for Home Design Shopping!  The App polls interior designers about products you want to add to your living room. You can ask for opinions on a living room rug, or a sofa and the interior designers will get back to you in less than a minute. It follows algorithms which direct five options your direction. These options will fit your style and space. If you don’t like the options you can ask for five new ones. You can even ask a professional decorator a question, but you need to be as specific as possible to get helpful opinions.

Tiffany had the idea for RoomHints after graduation for Interior Design. Constantly friends and family would ask what they should do with their space. She would offer her opinions, but the next week she would be bombarded by more questions. Soon there was too much for her to handle. She had to devise a way to offer advice without being in the physical space. Thus, RoomHints was created.

Tiffany took the personal touch of interior design and was able to put it into an app which reaches all across the globe to people who need the help the most. The app connects people not only with interior designers like Tiffany, but they also are connected with 30 spectacular retailers which have exactly the furniture and pieces app users need. It is no wonder RoomHints was selected number one by Consumer Reports.

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