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Chameleon Script: PHP dating and social networking software for your next website

Chameleon Script is a dating and social networking software script for creating dating websites and social networks and being developed by Websplosion LTD. since 2005. If you want to start a dating website as a new business or build a social network for your institution you can use Chameleon.
No other dating software or social networking script provides this number of unique features which, by the way, can be switched on and off to create a unique dating or social networking website (that is why the software is called Chameleon, you create your own combination of dating and social networking features). To start a website all you need to do is to purchase Chameleon.Core which is the engine of the website and a template, like Chameleon.Oryx or Chameleon.Urban, for example. Templates differ in their design and dating or social networking "flavor".
Chameleon templates are interchangeable. Also you can edit the design and the software itself, as it comes to you as an open PHP source. Mobile apps for iOS and Android can be added as well, making Chameleon Script the best choice if you want a complete infrastructure for your dating or social networking project. A lot of positive Chameleon clients reviews which you can find on the internet can not be wrong! Try Chameleon today and start your website.

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