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The Bard Newsletter #6

by Azriel Johnson

The year 2014 has been a great year. The year 2015 promises to be an even better year for Cleveland Poetry.

We have gotten behind in the updating and posting of videos, they are all caught up on uploading so far, but the information on the videos on YouTube is behind. That's something we want to fix.

Also if you haven't noticed, the website has some links currently under construction. That is because we are diverting all traffic from those links to the WKRoundtable and WritingKnightsPress blogspot blogs. This will bring a number of other tasks into focus and reduce our work load to catch up on everything. We are also adding a WK: Freelance blogspot blog.

Jessica will be starting back up with posting on the Tumblr blog probably after the first of the year, she's been super busy, but she is doing great things with HootSuite to keep the posts going.

Speaking of posts, I recently converted one of my personal Twitter accounts to the WK: Freelance Twitter. So don't forget to add Writing Knights there. If you know anyone who is looking for freelance writing work, we do that too. It's how we fund Writing Knights, in fact, so all the help we can get there is great. By the way, add Writing Knights on Twitter as well, as our book posts go there and we tweet things from time to time when we are at shows.

We have a number of Calls for Submissions. Our most pressing is the 1,000 Haiku/Senryu call. We have a deadline of January 1st, but if we can get at least 750 by then, we'll keep it open until February 1st to see if we can get the last 250.

Speaking of Haiku: We are going to start include a Haiku Joust on the Third Monday events. This way even if people do not want or cannot pay for the $5 Pay to Slam they can still participate. If everything goes according to plan we will be tabulating scores and the series will culminate at the 2015 Grand Tournament, the winner of which will earn a chapbook deal with Writing Knights. By the way, we have a group on Facebook for the Writing Knights: Stark meetings/events/features. If you want to be involved, join!

We are looking into a way to start to pay our features, but we don't have anything solid yet. Maybe something about sponsors... Stay tuned!

Finally, in January we will only be releasing the Best of 2014 Anthology, so for everyone who is waiting to hear about a submission you've put in for a chapbook or a full length, you will probably hear something then.

Thanks for reading!
Azriel Johnson