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Five Question Friday -- Kisha Nicole Foster (2015-01-30)

Kisha Nicole Foster has been a fixture in the Cleveland Poetry Scene for longer than most people realize. I first saw her as a feature at the Cleveland Women of the World Poetry Slam fundraiser showcase in 2013. Soon after, Writing Knights brought Kisha to our stage to spread her love.  Now she has a new book and we have Five Questions for her.

WK: What can readers expect from your new book Poems 1999-2014?

KNF: In my new book Poems 1999-2014, readers can expect to get poems that are for the human spirit. Simply crafted words to tell stories…my story of what I have felt and witnessed in the last fifteen years of my writing career, hence the title. Whether they are mines or not they are real and everyone can identify with them.

Who/what are some of your influences in your writing?

Some of my influences have been and are Nikki Giovanni, Wanda Coleman, James Baldwin…these writers and many more have shaped my way of research, wordplay, thought process. I also appreciate Tom Wolff and Walter Mosley.

Same question, but for your performance?

As far as performance, I practice my poems constantly when memorizing. I have many influences as I have slammed in PSI events and have seen even slammed with some heavy hitters…so to just say any names as an influence would be rude, as there are so many that I look up to…not only for performance yet for the crafting of their words…slam is so much more than screaming words in a mic…that is how the story unfolds and the poets that do the unfolding are bad-ass all around. Clowns by Robbie Q Telfer is my favorite, I saw that live in Minneapolis in 2010. And Suheir Hammad’s First Writing Since (Revision) I absolutely love.

If you could meet and workshop with any writer living or dead who would it be? Why?

At this point in my life it would be Patricia Smith and Rita Dove. Because those women know their business, they know this game of writing…crafting…composing…and everything that goes with it. They get it, and they are fierce.

If you could instruct a group of younger writers, what would you say? How would you encourage them?

Be true to yourself. At all times. Don’t stop writing…because the only way to not write is to stop. Writing will never stop or leave you. It is innate once the act has been opened. Step out of your box and become naked when writing. Do not be afraid of your voice and what it has to say.

Kisha will be performing at Writing Knights: Stark on February 2nd at Cultured Coffee Co. She will have copies of her book available for $15 (totally worth it, I have a copy already), so bring Cash!

We will see you next time!


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