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Five Question Friday -- Lennart Lundh (2015-01-23)

Lennart Lundh is a staunch supporter of and prolific contributor to Writing Knights' Anthologies as well as author of two chapbooks through the press.  He is the author of five poetry chapbooks and six volumes of aviation history. Along with two dozen articles on military technology, his poems and short fiction have appeared in the pages of over sixty journals and anthologies. Len and Lin, his wife of 47 years, live near Chicago. 

We sat down with Len to get a greater insight into him.

What are some of your influences as a word artist?

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Everything I've read, good or bad. I'm not academically trained. Instead, I learned what works in my fields from voracious reading over six decades. My voices were shaped the same way, through learning what worked for me by example. The list of who influenced me would be very, very long.

What is your favorite word to use in a piece?

The right one, in concert with a whole group of other right ones. Seriously. I'm extremely, painstakingly careful about word choices. Even the most ambiguous, multi-meaning word is used intentionally. I edit and revise continually, ruthlessly, even while writing the first draft. I use the same precision with punctuation, line breaks, and line and verse lengths.

Do you participate in any fundraising projects?

During National Poetry Month, I write thirty poems which become a limited-run chapbook. I distribute numbered copies to folks who make a donation to the St. Baldrick Foundation's work in finding cures for childhood cancers. There's no second printing, although I reserve the right to submit individual poems elsewhere.

What are some of your recent releases? What inspired them?

Three chapbooks were released last year. Poems Against Cancer 2014 was the self-published charity fundraiser in April. Writing Knights released So Careless of Themselves, a collection of anti-war poems, in June. I'm one of a small number of people who both served in Vietnam and received military discharges as pacifists. Fifth April 1973 was self-published in November. It was inspired by and written during the American bombing campaign against Cambodia.

What are some projects you have on the horizon? 

There'll be another Poems Against Cancer in a few months. I'm assembling a collection of poems dealing with relationships; the working title is Four of Hearts. And I'm happy to say that After the Wolves, a collection of three short stories and two flash pieces, will be released by Writing Knights (hopefully) this year. 

Thank you Lennart! For those of you interested, you can get his book "So Careless of Themselves" here.

We will see you next time!

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