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Psychic to the Stars, Christopher Golden

The success of Psychic Christopher Golden seems unlikely at least, miraculous at most. While Golden charges his clients $1,200 an hour, he is not trying to make bank over his client list. Promotional sense would be for him to claim the title of Psychic to the Stars, but from a credibility standpoint, it makes more sense for him to keep his name under wraps.

Katy Perry has reportedly sought advice for her waning dating life, how to dodge bad relationship choices, to get over heartbreak and to find true love. Celebrities have even asked Christopher Golden for career advice. She is not the only one.

Psychic Christopher Golden is rumored to play Psychic to the stars including: Hilary Duff, Rihanna, Ozzy Osborne, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney and Justin Bieber. The psychic himself will not disclose the names of his clients so it is all conjecture at this point.

Like anyone with good relationship advice, Psychic Christopher Golden keeps what happens between he and his clients secret. When asked if Katy Perry was one of his clients his offices simply said, "no comment" but with the kind of enthusiasm Ms. Perry has for psychics, it would stand to reason she has seen him at least once.  

Christopher Golden can be the way out for anyone who is having an issue in their life, through love or their career. This psychic can give you the guidance you need to get you through the rough patches you are currently experiencing.

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