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El Huevo Carnivo

Mad Botanist Initiative. Create a plant mania and use the money to build a global system of tuition-free universities.

by: The Mad Botanist from El Huevo Carnivo

**Hello all**
I’ve been working on something very fascinating. I believe I’ve come up with a once in a lifetime plan to do quite an amount of good. The problem we want to solve is one of delivering education to communities that are lacking. I am not a programmer, but I know how to algorithm together a crowdsourced solution to solve much of the world’s problems in education. Let’s put together a rock n’ roll plan. Working backwards:

6. We will solve all of the world’s needs for education.
5. Create a global system of tuition-free universities; bottom up solution.
4. Establish new model of higher education crowdsourced and self-funded.
3. Prices for carnivorous plants explode, make lots of money.
2. Make carnivorous plants the next big thing. I have the marketing strategy.
1. Invest in
Carnivorous Plants.

I’m going to solve a ton of the world’s problems in education in one swoop. I’m going to walk you through how I plan to crowdsource everything needed to build a global system of tuition-free universities in under 6 years.

I put together a strategy to buy up the carnivorous plant market. Market carnivorous plants in a radically different way, and branch out to larger markets in a short amount of time. It might not look like much, but it’s only the start. I have a patent-pending product that will bring carnivorous plants into every living room. It’s a small market, it can be conquered, and I know how to make prices skyrocket.

To run a 5 acre carnivorous plant farm, there is a small California town called Corcoran. The town lacks access to higher education; post-secondary education. Here is where design can fill in the gaps; a small town regresses if the population doesn’t have access to higher education. The venture is ran by community members selected to be a part of the company. The company will be ran similar to a college course.

**Free-market education**
Every person has partial ownership of every other venture put together, with carnivorous plants being a part of the base venture. Each person brings a nascent business idea to the table. A “student” is enrolled based on their idea; each idea is 49% owned by the whole of the group. The students are also the teachers as teaching is one of the best methods of learning. The assets of the “school” are all owned by the students. A student graduates when their venture becomes profitable for them to buy-out the “school’s” share. No students graduate with debt. Learning is done with theory, practice, theory, practice, which is superior to conventional theory, theory, theory, practice.

Starting a campus for any community has two parts: a charter and a franchise (Mad Botanist). As students join the campus, each venture is majority owned by one student. Classes are taught by the students. If a campus fails to perform, it is consumed by the free market; teaching is more competitive in this free-market model.

I set up a site for the school I’m going to turn the whole town of Corcoran into:  and the current site I’m going to use to make carnivorous plants popular

I need teammates.

1. Someone who knows legal stuff — how to form a non profit organization, charters/operating agreements?
2. Someone who knows project management — How would you crowdsource an entire system of education?
3. ANYONE interested in helping casually, email me. Find the Ideas360 rejects.

Compile a franchise package for selling carnivorous plants.
Evaluate crowdfunding.
5.5 acre land north end of Corcoran by 43 $300,000
Develop the land $300,000
Sell grow boxes.
Sell franchises.
Mission: To create the carnivorous plant mania and use the money to build a global system of tuition-free universities.

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