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And(y)i Line -- Contributor Bio

None currently with Writing Knights
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Perry Sippo Library Stark Knights 2016
Kathleen Howland Theatre Stark Knights 2016
Cheese Louise Stark Knights 2015
The Little Art Gallery Stark Knights 2015
Karma Cafe Stark Knights 2014 
Plant-Et Art Stark Knights 2014
None currently with Writing Knights
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"i'm silent
my drug of choice and my cleantime
play tug of war with my feet
but my mind is made up"

And(y)i is a twenty-something Muslim poet who spends half of her time trying to figure out how to be a grown up, and the other half in her pillow fort avoiding it. She is also a mother, a fiance, a student, a Wholock fangirl, a glorified telemarketer, a half-assed painter, and a whole-hearted lover. In between hard knock life lessons and spiritual epiphanies, she likes to color and has a new-found obsession with origami. She does not like to do dishes and she no longer cares about the oxford comma.

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