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Stark Knights: Event -- Cultured Coffee (April 20)

Dawn Shimp
"And yet one can run away
in an oval, repeatedly passing
the point at which goodbyes were said."

Meganne Stepka
"There's a light in the distance.
You can hold it inside your mind.
It seems to be just outside of your body,
keeping you in line"

Jennifer Sutowski
"The accident escaped her television set and breathed into her ear, it was her's. 
Pump, pump, pump it up. Thump, thump, thump...drop. 
A lot to put away in a moment, and a moment ago we were in the backseat... 
I pictured myself the canvas:"

Skylark Bruce
"The man has a plan
About the people who belong in this city, 
But doesn't include you.
Or you, or you, or me."

Cultured Coffee Co has been the home base of Writing Knights: Stark since its inception back in March of 2014. They have graciously put up with us almost every Monday night since then. 

Here you can kick back with your favorite coffee drink, grab a cup to go or pick up a bag
of fresh-roasted beans to brew at home. We also offer fresh-baked pastries, coffee
accessories, gift baskets and gift cards. 

Address: 309 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton

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