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Hid Xenon car lights model is considered one of the first choices that car owners opt for thanks to their long-life and unparalleled performance, among a wide range of modern models of car lights on the market. High intensity discharge is the meaning of the model – HID. HID Xenon White Car Light Bulbs is the most elegant, durable, affordable as price, cooler and also time-saving headlight available nowadays on the market. 

High intensity discharge refers to the electric arc that produces light. Metallic salts are being vaporized into the arc chamber and the arc produces intensive light. The light produced by these lamps, or formally called gas-discharge burners, is more for an established level of power consumption than tungsten-halogen bulbs and common tungsten. 

In 1993 Xenon headlamps were introduced for the US car models but not before 1991 when they were a possible choice for the BMW 7-series for Europe. D1 was the first designation for a non-replaceable, unshielded burner used by the system; years later, D1 is being reused but this time for a completely different kind of burner. The height of AC ballast was that of a building brick. Between 1996 and 1998 the first step at HID headlamps which used reflector headlamps with integral-igniter, unmasked burner that had Type 9500 as designation, created by Sylvania, was made by the American Lincoln Mark VIII. AC systems were clearly superior and more reliable than DC systems. After Osram’s appropriation of Sylvania, the usage of the Type 9500 has been interrupted for all models. Nowadays all HID headlamps use the standardized AC that operates ballast and bulbs as the single worldwide system. 

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