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Kerry Trautman -- Contributor Bio

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Ohio born and raised, Kerry is a founding member of Toledo’s Almeda St. Poets, and the Toledo Poetry Museum. She is often seen at local poetry readings and events such as Artomatic 419, 100-Thousand Poets for Change, Back to Jack, and the Columbus Arts Festival. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in various journals, including Midwestern Gothic, Alimentum, The Toledo Review, The Fourth River, and Third Wednesday; as well as in anthologies such as, "Tuesday Night at Sam and Andy’s Uptown Café" (Westron Press, 2001), "Mourning Sickness" (Omniarts, 2008), and "Roll" (Telling Our Stories Press, 2012). Her poetry chapbooks are "Things That Come in Boxes" (King Craft Press, 2012) and "To Have Hoped" (Finishing Line Press, 2015).

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