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Jon Thorn -- Contributor Bio

Jonathan Thorn is a stay at home dad who works a few hours a week at a grocery store. He lives in Columbus with his wife and five children. For him poetry is an outlet that allows me express the way I see things, a medium to clarify my world to the world, and a way to encourage others. He has a chapbook 'Cutting the Mobius'. published by Crisis Chronicles. He has also been published in Anthologies by Writing Knights Press 'The Squire: Page a Day Poetry Anthology 2015', ‘1001 Haiku’, ‘The Grail’,  Poet's Haven 'Poetry for Change vol 5', Stroke Connections Magazine Fall 2015, and High Coupe February 2016. He was one of the finalists at the Grand Tournament 2015.

"On the razor where light sits 
Waiting to dive into the black,
Expelling Its fountains of colors,
Releasing The last day’s breath." 

-- Jon Thorn

Featured at:
Stark Knights 2015

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