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Mindi Kirchner-Greenway -- Contributor Bio

Mindi Kirchner-Greenway is author of the chapbook, Song of the Rest of Us, published by Kent State University Press. Poems from the book have been featured in several working-class literature courses, and an art exhibit, "Penned by Penn Staters: books by alumni authors in University Park, PA. In addition to The Wick Poetry Prize, she was also recipient of The Whiskey Island Poetry Prize. Her poems have appeared in Perigee, The Mayo Review, Eclipse, and other journals. Three of her poems have been anthologized in The Next of Us is about to Be Born, a book that features twenty-five years of Kent State authors. She lives in Youngstown with her husband and daughter, and is working hoping to have a full-length book of poems forthcoming in the next year.

Featured at:
Cultured Coffee March 2016

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