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100 Word SEO Articles on ANY Subject

I will write High Quality, Targeted, SEO articles.

I'm a Bachelor's Degree English Major and professional Freelance writer.
I will write to pass the spam algorithms of Google and Bing
The scrutinizing eyes of viewers looking for Human content.

I will write 100 words on ANY (and I do mean ANY) subject.

I will write:
SEO pieces
general information
web content
and much more.
Primary Keywords are available,
Secondary Keywords available in my extras.

I offer choice in Wording Preference:
100% Business - Technical/Academic
50% Business 50% Casual - The perfect mix for sales content
100% Casual - Conversational

I am a Native English Speaker
and I use no spin programs.
I will verify through Copyscape upon request.

I have written Over 2,000 articles since 2009!
Write up to 400 words AND include up to 2 Secondary Keywords -- 100 words FREE

Write up to 650 words AND include up to 3 Secondary Keywords -- 150 words FREE

Write up to 1100 words AND include up to 4 Secondary Keywords -- 200 words FREE

Write up to 1400 words AND include up to 5 Secondary Keywords -- 250 words FREE

--If you need more than 1400 words, please contact me first--
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SEO Articles

Deliver This Order in 1 Day

When Purchasing through Paypal send an email to writingknights(at) 
Subject Line: "Gig"

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