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Kristin Werstler -- Contributor Bio


None currently with Writing Knights
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Canton Brewing Company Speakeasy Stark Knights 2016
Kathleen Howland Theatre Stark Knights 2016 
Bigger Than Cleveland Studio (216)
Stark Knights 2015
None currently with Writing Knights
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"we rode the rings of Saturn
trusting that we could find our way home
even though all we were doing
was going around in circles"

Kristin is very introverted and quiet, but enjoys observing the world and writing about what she sees. If she's not writing or reading, she probably playing video games or spending time with those she loves.
She is an avid poet and writer. Currently, she’s pursuing a double major in Writing and English at the University of Mount Union. When she’s not doing school work, you can find her adventuring to places unknown, reading, writing, and (poorly) playing her ukulele.

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