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Vertigo Xi'an Xavier -- Contributor Bio

Out of Print A Single Man's Lament - Fourplay #13
Jupiter Studios Stark Knights 2016

Buzzbin Stark Knights 2014
None currently with Writing Knights
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During the stone-age of the internet (at the time of AOL version 1.5 to be precise), a young man calling himself Vertigo Xi'an Xavier set about launching The Poet's Haven publishing empire upon the pages of the new electronic frontier. Now, two decades, 2000+ authors, and over 7000 published poems and stories later, he wishes to expand his dominion beyond the realms of digital and print media, and is seeking your vote to make him Emperor of planet Earth, via the Nemesis Party.

Vertigo is the owner and publisher of The Poet's Haven. The Poet's Haven produces an online magazine (, chapbooks, podcasts, and live poetry and music events. He is also manager of the Lake Effect Poetry slam team.

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