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Poetry, Prose, etc Writing for ANY Occasion

I will write up to 30 lines of poetry or 200 words of prose/fiction/quotes.

This gig is PERFECT for Weddings, Graduations, Funerals or any occasion!

I am an accomplished and published poet and novelist.

I also run a chapbook press where I publish other writers.

I am an English Major in Creative Writing.

Concerning bylines:
If the piece is made public I want to retain the byline
If the piece stays private I won't tell anyone if you don't

I do NOT support plagiarism.

Ask any questions you feel are pertinent.
When you place the order let me know:
Poetry, Prose, or Quotes;
Subject of the piece/quotes (no subject is off limits);
Form (optional - sonnet, villanelle, free verse, etc).

Please provide as much background information as possible on the subject you want me to write.

File type: .rtf, .txt or .doc

Write up to 60 lines or 400 words

Write up to 90 lines or 600 words

Write 10 poems of up to 30 lines (+3 day delivery)

Write 4,000 word story fiction or nonfiction on any subject (+3 day delivery)

Deliver in 1 Day
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Purchase Through
PayPal Button Here
When Purchasing through Paypal send an email to writingknights(at) Subject Line: "Gig" 

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