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Stark Knights 2016: Kathleen Howland Theatre (April 8)

*Note* Andrew Golden opted out of a recorded performance


Skylark Bruce
Kristin Werstler

Kathleen Howland Theatre (2nd April)
Address: 324 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton, OH
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Facebook Event:

The mission of the Kathleen Howland Theatre is to provide a place where productions in the performing arts can be presented before a live audience in Downtown Canton.
It is the goal of 2nd April galerie to make The Kathleen Howland Theater available not only to individuals and groups who have no connection with an existing institution but also to theaters and other art institutions which may wish to use the theater for a production or event in Downtown Canton or to preview an upcoming production or event.

2nd April galerie is particularly interested in promoting use of The Kathleen Howland Theater by young people, both as performers and audience.

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