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The awkwardness of adulating flowers by Cee Williams

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Cee Williams is an angler of anglers, a fisher of men. His new collection, 'The Awkwarness of Adulating Flowers,' is a series of life's resonant lessons, write large and deep on the human canvas, in five powerful chapters. Though there are many fine moments throughout, this volume builds to one of the best climaxes of a poetry collection in many moons. The work stuns with a beauty, a depth and a loveliness that dovetail sadness and joy into a plaintive song of the deepest mystery of all.
-Don Wentworth  
Editor, Liliput Review
Like the young blood of this collection's first sequence, Cee Williams has "something to do with [his] hands": that is, to render with sharp-eyed empathy, in poems spare and expansive, the pain and beauty of workaday lives; of old men who live to fish because they have fished to live; of a mother who stares down age and illness with the strength and grace of Ali in the ring; and of anyone who has ever walked the streets of Williams's Erie or of any town, with "a freight train of contrition" drowning out his voice. THE AWKWARDNESS OF ADULATING FLOWERS speaks for these lives the way scripture speaks for the glorious mystery of being.
-George Guida
Author, Pugilistic
Cee Williams currently serves as the fourth poet laureate of Erie County (PA) He is a past recipient of a Chautauqua Writers Grant and the creator and founder of Poets' Hall and Poets' Hall Press a community organization dedicated to the presentation and publication of poetry and spoken word. Williams is the author of four chapbook length poetry collections and his work has appeared in journals and anthologies both online and in print.

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