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Erased by Light - Azriel Johnson - Poetry


In your arms I feel free
Constraint gone from me
The warmth in your touch
I love you so much
But I know we will never be.

When I hold you near
And kiss your neck and ear
I hold you close to me
How I lay happily
And I feel no fear.

When I ask you if someday
If there could be a way
That we would marry…
When your mind tarries,
I hope to see that day.

The sun lights up the skies
I look into your eyes
What was said in the night
Is erased by the light
And a little more my heart dies.

*Note* Originally published in "Staving Away the Sadness" (PublishAmerica, 2004) Originally posted on the now defunct 04/08/06

Azriel Johnson is an inkspatter analyst and a serial writer by night. He runs a small, not money losing publishing press and a weekly open mic with monthly features called Writing Knights Press and Writing Knights: Stark.

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