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How to Write: Week 1: Originality: Saturday (Philosophy)

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Azriel Johnson is an inkspatter analyst and a serial writer by night. He runs a small, not money losing publishing press and a weekly open mic with monthly features called Writing Knights Press.

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  1. "Performance" can be any of several things, of course, ranging from simply reading your poem aloud (and making the decisions of what to emphasize, which parts to read quickly, which slowly, which loud, which softly), to reading to a close friend, to small and intimate poetry readings, all the way to "slam" poetry, in which the performance is an art in itself, and the purpose is to make your impact as strongly as possible as quickly as possible.
    When you perform your new piece, do take notes! Some words and phrases that seemed to work well on paper may reveal themselves as awkward when read aloud, and you may come up with new ways of thinking about the work.
    If you're looking for a place to perform, the clevelandpoetics calendar, is one good place to look. Each of the different poetry readings has its own flavor, though; try a few and see which ones work for you.