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Grand Tournament V Anthology

$6.00 USD
Anthology (plus Free PDF)
Sixteen writers submitted their best work in a quest to achieve greatness.Five writers advanced to the performance round where they battled for the prize of a full length book deal with Writing Knights Press.

Who wins?

Stay tuned to for details
This Anthology contains work by:
Alexis-Rueal - Azriel Johnson - C.E. Harrington
Dan Denton - Dionne D. Hunter
Ephraim Nehemiah - Jacob Patchen
James Croal Jackson - Jamie Laubacher - Jon Thorn
Jonathan Cordes - Lori Ann Kusterbeck
Lorraine Cipriano - Martina R. Gallegos
Ms. MaNazah - One Single Rose
Skylark Bruce - Steve Brightman
Tanya Pilumeli - T-Shirt - Victor Clevenger
Publication Date:
Jul 18 2016

1535275839 / 9781535275835
Page Count:
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Poetry / Anthologies

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