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Grand Tournament V - July 30, 2016 *Raw Footage*

(Click the cover to purchase the anthology)
The Grand Tournament V Anthology 
has pieces from every entrant to the tournament.
Click the cover to purchase.
The Grand Tournament is Writing Knights' annual competition, the winner of which gets a full length book deal. The other finalists have already won a chapbook deal. 
Our finalists were: 
Dionne D. Hunter, Ephraim Nehemiah, 
James Croal Jackson (footage lost), Jamie Laubacher and T-shirt. 
Eremos was special musical guest.


Eremos bringing their music to whet our appetites.

Dionne D. Hunter sharing a story.

Eremos, back with more music.

Jamie Laubacher with her entry.

T-Shirt, presenting his entry.

Eremos, as a palette cleanser.

Ephraim Nehemiah brought his presentation to light....

More from Eremos
The countdown from five to one....
One more song to close out the night from Eremos.
Congratulations Ephraim Nehemiah 
on winning the Grand Tournament V!

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