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How to Write: Week 13: Assonance: Sunday (Technique)

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    Assonance is the technique of writing similar sounding syllables in succession.  Alliteration is a variation of assonance as is internal rhyme.  In time and with practice you won’t even notice your own assonant writing.  You may even be fighting against the strong desire to overdose on assonance.
    Assonance certainly employs rhymes, but in general gives credence to the use of any similar sounds.
        Example: slug – slog – slag – sledge – luge – cruise – roost – rust – slut – slug
    That was an assonant chain, which isn’t a thing beyond these words, but a good exercise to see how far you can get away from your word and still get back to it.
    Assonance can make your pieces seem more lyrical or musical.  You can write nonsense poems just based on assonance if you want and it’ll sound beautiful, albeit insane.

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