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How to Write: Week 12: Alliteration: Sunday (Technique)

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    Alliteration is the use of repetitive sounds, usually consonants, in succession.
        The toy truck toppled the torpedoed turtle.
    Alliteration can be a powerful technique to emphasize words or subjects, but it can easily be taken overboard.  Typically, more than one sentence of alliteration at a time is too much.  One notable exception is the “V” rant from “V for Vendetta” (graphic novel or movie).
    Jim Morrison is a poet who knew how to alliterate almost to the point of absurdity and sometimes a little beyond absurdity.
    The key is to have as much or as little alliteration as you feel comfortable.  If you hate the piece because of the alliteration so will other people.
    Don’t be afraid of alliteration no matter what you are writing.  The punch packed with strong statements can quickly increase a sense of urgency.  See what I did there?
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