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FourPlay Submissions Open Now!

            (United States & Canada Only) 

Projected reopening July 2020

Submission Goal:
            We will publish any and all accepted submissions. We are hoping to receive and release four at a time (so if you know anyone who is looking to test the waters of selling their product, send them our way). We are looking primarily for new writers (or at least new authors to Writing Knights).
            Basically... send your best possible work...

Email Address:

Email Subject:
            "FourPlay Submission - Pen Name" 

Email Body:

            Pen Name - Legal Name;

            Email Address;

            Titles of Pieces.

Email Attachment:
            A combination of 4 pieces.

            A piece consists of:

            30 lines or less per piece of poetry;

            200 words or less per piece of prose (fiction or nonfiction);

            1 black and white word related image (approximately 4.5" x 6").

            1 black and white Cover Image;

            1 black and white Author image;

            100-200 words About the Author, answer the question "Why do I write?"

            DOC  (97-2003) files Accepted ONLY - PDF files NOT accepted, or .JPG (300 dpi) image files.
            Note - If there are any issues with the file format, contact Writing Knights before submitting.

Simultaneous Submissions:
            Not Accepted

Length of Publication:
            Single release of 99 copies - will last in the online store until all are moved or until 12 months pass.

            15 free copies; 1 free copy per 2 copies sold in the online store.

Author Copies:
            50% of cover price + Shipping

            (Shipping per fourplay reduces as additional units are purchased).

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