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How to Write: Week 16: Using Your Senses: Sunday (Method)

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    Your senses are a likely contributor to why you want to be a writer.  Maybe it isn’t the number one reason, but you perceive things in ways others do not and you feel compelled to share your perceptions with others in words.  This is good.
    It would make sense then to learn how to harness what you are sensing into the “right” words to better convey your feelings and perceptions.
    Some senses are immediately related.
    Smell for instance is linked to taste.  Smelling what you taste.
    Taste is also linked to touch.  Textures of what is in your mouth.
    Touch is also linked to hearing.  You can hear yourself touch objects.
    Hearing and sight are our two long distance senses.  You will likely see or hear most objects before you smell, touch or taste them.
    There are other things to consider.
    Scent is the sense most closely related to emotions.  Babies first active sense is smell.
    Touch is naturally is our most comforting sense, you touch the things you want and the people you care for.
    Humans are visually oriented creatures.  We find attraction initially with our eyes.
    Hearing and touch are types of mechani-sensation.
    Hearing developed as a defense mechanism.
    When using your senses to describe moments it is helpful to put yourself back into the place you are describing or a similar place to the one you are trying to portray.

     Let your sensations inform your feelings.  Your senses may start taking the form of your feelings.  Relish it.
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