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Before the Weather Turns - J.J. Feuerstein -- Poetry

Before the weather turns
Before the leaves vanish
And the cold sets in
Before we must wrap ourselves
In layer upon layer and
Still feel a chill
Before boredom sets in
Before we loose all patience
Before we feel utterly lost
Before we feel utterly alone
Before we have time to be certain
Before we have time to doubt
Before we have time to be
Logical and calculated
Before we have time to be
Irrational and impulsive
Before we have time
To remember too much
Before we have time
To forget all that we have known

An apartment sits
Completely empty and sparkling clean
Hundreds and hundreds of miles
Of open, meandering road
Lie ahead to the ultimate destination
Much is left behind
Little scraps we thought matter much
Some things we willingly, gladly part with
There certainly won’t be
Any tears-
At least not just yet
The windows come down
As the air begins to warm
With the convivial sunlight
And the lower latitude
The music is turned up
Taking our minds to other worlds,
Other memories we know
Will never fade.
There’s comfort in the rhythm
Of the road,
The mile markers flying by

Before we arrive
Before we have time to process
Before it feels like home
There is something
Like trust

J.J Feuerstein is in her late twenties, a Midwesterner at heart though she has migrated a number of times, and has both her Bachelors and Masters degrees in English Literature. She is currently a teacher for English- Language Arts. Since she hasn’t personally owned a TV for over 5 years now, she spends her time reading, running, doing yoga, and being a beach bum. Her roommates consist of her overly-affectionate dog and tranquil cat.

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