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How to Write: Week 18: Actions: Sunday (Method)

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    Actions seem like they might apply more to fiction, nonfiction or prose writers, but having the ability to describe precise actions someone is making can lend itself to a deeper symbolism and significance for the writer and reader.
    Example: The checkmark bend of her arm was a yes column form.
    Think about dramatic movies where the actors are showing their feelings to the audience.  You can have this significance in your own writing.  Combining action with other aspects brings your audience to the level of the poem.
    Involuntary actions are often the most telling/showing.  An unprompted vomit – completely without thought for a situation (as well, or a sight) can convey a lot more than many words collected to describe it.
    Your work can take the form of an involuntary action if you let it.  It can be as natural as heartbeat or breathing and almost as necessary for your survival.
    When you let your words describe and become actions, writing actions your body makes and conveying their significance becomes second nature.
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