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FourPlay #21: Desperate Seeker by Gary Beck

About the Author
I started writing poetry at the age of 16, mostly heartfelt imitations of the British Romantics, Byron, Keats, Shelley, as an escape from a difficult life. Though the outer world was insecure I found fulfillment in an evolving poetry process and short stories.

I got involved in theater, became a director and started writing plays and translating classical plays for production. This became an almost all-consuming way of life and I had many successes and failures, and always kept writing. My last theater closed in 1996 and since then I’ve written many poetry collections, novels, stories, essays and plays. Writing is a byproduct of my life experience, which has been much more than theater, and my way of life. Tolstoy said: “I write when the spirit moves me and the spirit moves me every day”. I agree.
Gary Beck

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