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How to Write: Week 25: Nature: Sunday (Method)

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    To the uninitiated, nine out of ten times if you ask them what subject poetry most explores they will say nature.
    This may have been true, hundreds of years ago.  It may have never been true, we just only ever hear about the nature poems because those are the ones in the books we see in our high school.  Those are the safe ones.
    The rub is, nature poems, if done correctly do not have to be safe.  Nature can be an analogy for something else.  Nature poems, if wielded correctly can be just as hard as a political rant and no profanity is needed.
    Nature has so many different facets that you can no doubt equate situations good and bad with something which occurs in nature.
    The biggest key is to not be afraid of putting nature into your writing, but don’t make the pieces so obtuse they cannot be deciphered. If you can find the connection between nature and poetry and emotional content and politics and death and life and everything, you will be able to bring new audience to you.
    A good nature piece looks safe on the outside. If the casual observer reads the piece they will see leaves, flowers, animals. On the inside a deep reading will reveal a hurricane of destructive force.
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