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How to Write: Week 26: Intellectual Content: Sunday (Philosophy)

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    Every once in a while, we all want to seem more intelligent.  People admire those who think higher than the masses.  Audiences are impressed by complicated sounding words.  However, even impressed audiences will not connect with a piece lacking context for these complicated words.
    So as an artist, you must be able to provide the necessary context for your complicated words without an outright definition.
    There is a limit to the amount of complicated words you should use in a piece.  There is no hard limit, it is piece specific.  You will notice if people are getting bored or overwhelmed with the use of intellectual words.  The benchmarks is if you need to explain yourself after a piece there are too many intellectual words.
    Another consideration to make are technical words, as in words that are specific to an industry where outsiders might not have experience.  Using too many of these words might have a disconnecting effect on the audience.  Similarly, providing context will help the audience connect with the piece presented.
    The goal of the piece is not muddy the waters too much when writing intellectual content, at least when it comes in terms of the subject matter.  This will make the pieces you write more powerful. 
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