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How to Write: Week 27: Internal Editor: Sunday (Philosophy)

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    Everyone has an internal editor.  This is the niggling feeling that everything you write has to be perfect on the first try.  This is the part of you that goes back and corrects grammar or punctuation or spelling while you are still in the middle of an expression.  Your internal editor is a hindrance while expressing.
    Your internal editor is the perfectionist and can often lead to writer’s block out of the creation of self doubt and fear of not being accepted.  You will NEVER completely remove your internal editor and you don’t want to.
    Your internal editor has to be put under your control as much as possible.  There are certain tics which can’t be helped.  For example, if you are typing and commit a typo.  You see it and go back to fix it.  Sometimes it just happens as a natural reaction.  Swapping a typo can help save time later.  Worrying on a full sentence written on its grammar is counter productive.  You have the power to stop this internal editor from taking over your creative process.
    Your internal editor does have its uses.  Sometimes we need someone to question us.  Sometimes the only person who will do it is ourselves, especially in the case of introvert writers.  Having that second guesser AFTER a creation is awesome.  It can give new scope on a situation.  This new scope can flesh out a piece and make it more accessible to an audience.
    Once you can come to terms with the internal editor you can let yourself express honestly and completely.
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