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How to Write: Week 28: Underground-Street: Sunday (Style)

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     Underground, or street, style of poetry is poetry that puts its finger on the inner thigh vein of society to check its pulse.  This is a style that grabs you by the libido and drags you around by the guts.  This is work that would be shunned by the establishment for its incendiary nature.
    Underground work is work you are more likely to hear profanity and slang.  There may be less focus on precision and more on the intention of the work. Feelings of discontent with “The Man” or raising up of people usually classified as “the Other.”
    Street style is a megaphone for the common people, seething with anger at what feels like lack of common sense of the people in charge. Street emphasizes a DIY attitude in the pieces, even the production.  Of course, you are writing your own stuff, but when you get them ready for release you find your own way to get the word to the people.
    Research is the best way to find out the best words to trigger an audience to create unrest.
    You are shouting from the streets beseeching the Universe for change, because that is what most underground and street style emphasizes... change.
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