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How to Write: Week 30: Juxtaposition: Sunday (Technique)

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    Juxtaposition is putting two or more elements next to each other in a piece to achieve a desired effect.  Typically these things are far different from one another.  Example: a cat-like tree sprang into my view of the forest.
    Juxtaposition can make one or both images pop.  The idea of a cat-like tree pops more than maybe a spindly tree would.
We use juxtaposition to give an edge to many ideas. Example: the katana words decapitated me.
    As skill level and experience with words increases, the juxtapositions can run more smoothly and become more eloquent.  Look at your everyday life and you’ll see many aspects of juxtaposition; rival restaurants near one another; enemy sports teams; a burly man holding the hand of a little girl.
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