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Mixed Media & Visual Submissions for 2018


Submission Call Duration: 
            12:05am (0:00) November 1, 2017 Eastern Daylight Time 
            to 11:55pm (23:55) December 31, 2017 Eastern Standard Time
            Any submissions before or after this will be deleted with no guaranteed notice. 
Submissions are CLOSED!

Submission Goal:
            We will publish any and all accepted submissions. We are hoping to get at least 12. That does not mean if we only get 11 subs we will publish them all, they still have to be quality. If we get 24 brilliant submissions, we'll publish them all.
            Basically... send your best possible work... 

Email Address:

Email Subject: 
            "(Mixed Media or Visual) Submission - Pen Name" 

Email Body:
            Pen Name - Legal Name; Email Address; Titles of Pieces.
            Also please answer these questions:
            1. Have you read a Writing Knights Press book before? Which book(s)? What did you think of the aesthetic, the content?
            Note - Honest answers are encouraged. You do not have to like the book you read to be accepted to Writing Knights Press.
            2. What lead you to submit to Writing Knights Press?
            Note - Please provide a website or a contact person.
            3. What is your intended promotion strategy?
            Note - Also, for your intended promotion strategy, please have something more than just "I'll post it on my Facebook/Twitter." Yes, do this, but plan to do some readings. We know it's hard, but if you don't believe in your work enough to take that step, why should we?
            4. If you are rejected, do you want a critique or just the rejection?
            Note - Critiques will not be extensive, we will probably just tell you things we liked about your submission in general, less what we didn't like unless it was glaringly repugnant.

Email Attachment:
            Manuscript - .DOC  (97-2003) files Accepted ONLY - PDF files NOT accepted, .JPG (300 dpi) image files.
            8.5"x11" with 1" margins.
            Up to 25 page sample: any combination of Poetry, Fiction & Nonfiction, & Images (color and/or black and white).
            Note - If there are any issues with the file format, contact Writing Knights before submitting.

Simultaneous Submissions:
            Accepted, but let us know if the piece(s) are accepted elsewhere when they are submitted.

After Sample Acceptance:
            Writing Knights is currently working to compile a new author's guide which will tell you everything we need and expect from you as an author.

Length of Publication:
            The book will be in print indefinitely with a Kindle E-book released concurrently.

            10 author copies for black and white images.

            Number of copies to be determined for color images.
            Royalties to be discussed privately. 

Author Copies:
            Cost + $1.00 + Shipping
            (Shipping per book reduces as additional books are purchased).

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