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National Poetry Month & Hessler and other thoughts - The Bard Newsletter #13

Wow, I didn't realize it's been so long since I've posted a Newsletter. Guess I should be getting on that.

So It's National Poetry Month! We are just over halfway through the Month. The Contranyms prompt is going strong and we've already received a few submissions accordingly.  You can view them here.

Writing Knights just hosted two shows April 7th (First Friday) and 14th (2nd Friday), after a significant hiatus. We didn't record the First Friday show with Vigatron, Molly Fuller and Johnny Neiman, but from what I was told by our host Skylark, everyone had a good time and everyone left sore and satisfied.

With the success of those shows we will be having two more shows. May 5th as part of First Friday, Writing Knights will be conducting a show as part of the Anti-Bullying/Peace theme of the month.  Features include: Eli Williams, Nikann Charney and Jacob Paul Patchen. FB event here.

May 12th, the second installment of Take the Knight Off Poetry & Creative Showcase we'll be hosting at Dust. Our features are: Quartez Harris, Juliet Cook and And(y)i Line. FB event here.

Hessler Poetry Contest Anthology Poems:
A Mother’s Love - Aisha Marie Smith
Love Leaves A Memory - Alyssa Lauren Smith
Mother Earth Blues - Anita Herczog
BIG BAD WOLF - Anna Cates
The Ultimate Warrior - Azriel Johnson
branch bits & stones - Bennett Rader
The Highway - Bethany W. Pope
Resurrection (words/image) - Brian Taylor
Paradise Lost - Caitlin Blair Cogar
#1 Numi Pieta (after Giuseppe Verdi) - Casey Krysztofik
I Was a Male Impersonator for 40 Years - Christine Howey
Last Rites at Bad Sassendorf - Clarissa Jakobsons
The Finch - Craig Firsdon
Bioscanning the Good People - David S. Pointer
Environmental Super Nova - Devlinbleu Chambers

Ode to Lake Erie - DL Ware
“Sky Memory” - Emily Reid Green
“The Hardest Goodbye” - Frank Kinor Jr.
Flying, Falling - Geoffrey A. Landis
To Feel Alive - Jacob Paul Patchen
Sunshine On My Straw Hat - James Schwartz
A Play (Villanelle) - Jeremy Proehl
Learning Gratitude - Jill Lange
Is Anyone There? - Joann Celleghin
Dishwater - Julie Ursem Marchand
Death Storm Surge - Juliet Cook
Father - Kara E. Goergen
I Am a Soldier - Keely Aaliyah
Two Towers - Kerry Trautman
Time & Special - Kevin Frederick Smith
ERATO muse of lyric choral poetry - Kisha Nicole Foster
Epistle From Dieppe - Lennart Lundh
3,000 Leagues - Liz Senn
Come to the Table - Lori Ann Kusterbeck
Word Slinger - Lorraine Cipriano
The Adopted Woman Gives Birth - Louise Robertson
My Two Sides (image) - Lynne Shayko
hitting bottom - Marc Mannheimer
Chaperone - Marisa Moks-Unger
The Goldfinch - Mark Sebastian Jordan
Obsequies - Mary Turzillo
Split uvula - Matthew Harris
Voyage by Night - M-C Scarlett
Not My Art - Mindi Kirchner-Greenway
One Hand - Nancy Brady
Death by Chocolate (image) - Nic Shayko
Genesis - Ralph Pitman
Casting - Renay Sanders
DNA - Rob Smith
In Irons - Rory Stone Mehlman
Many Sins - S. Castells
Race - Saskia Griffiths
“Intro to Canton” - Skylark Bruce
Rules of the World - Soumyadeep Bhattacherya
Caped Small Talk - Stephanie A. Lehr
SANGIOVESE - Tanya Pilumeli
We - Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
Star Struck - Vince Robinson
two years ago - Wanda Morrow Clevenger

Congratulations to all of the contributors to the anthology and we hope to see all of you at the reading May 23rd!
(if you submitted something and do not see your name here, email writingknights(at) immediately, subject line "Hessler Anthology")

Final Thoughts: Re: the MS situation... After seeing two sides of the story I have come to this conclusion. People should be able to express what they want, when they want (as long as it doesn't stop someone else from their own expression or personal safety). HOWEVER, they should also take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences that come from those expressions. Sometimes, even the keystone of an institution can crumble and leave those relying on that institution disoriented, but thankfully an institution like Poetry is one that thrives on disorientation and discord and has already recovered and will continue thriving. Slam itself is a style that thrives on revolution and the founder should be proud that the style has outgrown him and is now free to explore more than what he may have intended upon establishing it.

To those who acted: Always RESIST!

Azriel Johnson,
Director of Writing Knights Press