The Best Time to Write is Now... The Best Place to Write is Here... The Best Person to Write is You...


Take the Knight Off -- September 8th, 2017 (Raw Footage)

Take the Knight off and experience poetry with us!

Bring a pen(cil) and something to write with and jot down lines and build on that. Bring a brush and some canvas. Whatever you want. However you want to express yourself, let our features inspire you! 

Molly Fuller: writes "feminist-fabulist" prose poems and flash fictions.

Daria Quinn: Comic Noir as Interpretive Speech and other stranger things
Epa440: Painesville Folk Rock. Politics. Life. Space. Inner Truth all seek.
Sugg. Donation: $5 (no one will be turned away)
Unmoderated Open Mic After the Features (2 min per person)
Bring $$ for Books & Art also Free Books Bin!

In the mean time, Take the Day Off with our sponsors: (print off the flyer in the photo section of this event or pick up a flyer at any of these locations or Writing Knights Gallery at Avenue Arts Marketplace and Theatre)
@The Local (linked above) -- Our Venue
Cultured Coffee & Waffles - 1 Free Large Coffee, also BUY WAFFLES!
Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks Members can get 3 Time Credits for attending!
Jen Pezzo Photography - Anyone who calls mentioning Writing Knights will get $25 OFF a photoshoot.

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