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Writing Knights @Better Block -- September 9th, 2017 (Raw Footage)

As part of the Warehouse District Better Block event, Writing Knights will bring 12 poets to the auxiliary room of Deli Ohio.

1pm: Skylark Bruce: Progressive Christian, Spanish-Speaking, vegan, journalism background, employed in finance
1:10pm: And(y)i Line: unicorns, family, love, LGBT, Islam, America, HP, Love, poetry, idealism, narnia
1:20pm: John Walters: Poetry is my pleasure. It calms me down.
1:30pm: Kristin Werstler: Short, honest poems that focus on death, origin, and identity.
1:40pm: Derrick Terrill: Urban poetry at its best.
1:50pm: Zachary Lee: Soul with a body. Son of stars. Artist, writer, poet.
2pm: Nikann Charney... is a poetress of her own kind.
2:10pm: Ianthe... tells us about matters of her heart and mind.
2:20pm: Keely Aaliyah: poetry, feminism, books, coffee, happiness & self love
2:30pm: Daria Quinn: Comic Noir as Interpretive Speech and other stranger things
2:40pm: Arianna Iliff: An unrelenting wordsmith with theatrical style.
2:50pm: Azriel Johnson: Herder of Poets. Anti-Villain. Inspiration initiator.

with Improvised Flute by Don Fulmer

There will be books outside as part of the Better Block event. The event itself is free, but please bring some $$ and help us support the poets!


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