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Grand Tournament 2018 Overview *subject to change*

In years past, the Grand Tournament has appealed to those who wished for their work to showcase their page prowess primarily, before bringing their words to the stage.

This year, we're flipping the script and allowing performance to pave the way to our contestant's written merit.

The potentiality this year is HUGE with an additional main category, side events, and vendors, all potentially on the docket with some altered rules.

Entries Open: March 3rd, 2018
Entries Close: June 2nd, 2018

Some changes we are making this year:
Number of Main Categories: 5. Poetry, Music, Storytelling (fiction), Storytelling (nonfiction), Comedy
*please note* if we do not get enough performers to compete in a category, the entrants may be absorbed into the closest relative category.
Admission Fee: $5 per category a Performer/Group wishes to enter. $20 for a Team of up to 5 different Performer/Group, or a performer who wants to enter all five categories. (Performer/Group/Team explained here)
Round Progression: Explained here
Rules: Explained here

Side competitions: Haiku Joust, Sonnet Slam
Favorite of Event Categories (Audience Voting): Favorite Performer/Group; Favorite Team; Favorite Outfit/Costume/Garb; Favorite Prop; Favorite Line, Tournament Underdog, Most Community Minded Performer/Group/Team.
Best of Event Categories (Quantifiable): Highest Scoring Performer/Group (highest scoring of the first round of all categories and side events); Highest Scoring Team (first round and side events).

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