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Grand Tournament 2018 - Schedule *subject to change*

This is the tentative schedule, assuming that we'll have a full program for each event.
Venue A - The Local 135 6th St NW
Venue B - IKON Images Art Gallery 221 5th St NW
Venue C - Avenue Arts & Kathleen Howland Theatre 324 Cleveland Ave NW

Friday July 27th
6:30pm - Soundcheck @Venue A and B
7pm - 9pm - Program 1 - Venue A
7pm - 9pm - Program 2 - Venue B

Afterward, attendees and competitors are invited to partake of the local night life. Canton, Ohio has many wonderful bars and restaurants close to the venues.

Saturday July 28th
10am - Vendors set up on Court Ave
11am - Vendors open for business on Court Ave
11:30am - Sound check @Venue A, B and C
12pm - 2pm - Program 3 - Venue A
12pm - 2pm - Program 4 - Venue B
12pm - 2pm - Sonnet Slam - Venue C (possibly upstairs stage)

2pm - 3pm - Lunch break - Please partake of our vendors as well as the local restaurants and eateries.
3pm - 3:30pm - Open stage @Venue A, B and C - Short poems, share the stages. Chill time.
3: 30pm - Soundcheck @Venue A, B, and C

4pm - 6pm - Program 5 - Venue A
4pm - 6pm - Program 6 - Venue B
4pm - 6pm - Haiku Joust - Venue C (Possibly upstairs stage)

6pm - 7pm - Dinner Break, Written Judging Dinner 

7pm - Finalists Announced

7:30pm - Soundcheck @Venue C (Kathleen Howland Theatre)
8pm - Vendors may start clearing out, but are free to stay til 10pm
8pm - 10pm - Finals Program - Venue C (Kathleen Howland Theatre)
10pm - 10:30pm - calculating/talk among yourselves - Venue C
10:45ishpm to End - Awards Ceremony - Venue C

After the Awards Ceremony, attendees and contestants please partake of the local night life. Canton, Ohio has many wonderful bars and restaurants which are accommodating of most dietary restrictions.

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