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Grand Tournament 2018 - Performers/Groups/Teams explained *subject to change*

The concept of Performers, Groups and Teams is not one that is unknown to most in the performance world, but allow us to explain it succinctly so there is no mistake on what we mean as it relates to the Grand Tournament 2018.

Individual - An entry which consists of a singular performer who presents 3-5 minutes worth of material in the first round.  If they advance to the finals, then 3-5 more minutes of material as a singular performer. Example: Jon Human is an Individual performer.

Group - An entry of two or more performers working as a unit to present 3-5 minutes worth of material in the first round.  If they advance to the finals, then 3-5 more minutes of material as the same group.  A band or a poem or poems or a comedy trio are examples of a group. Example: Jon Human and Jane Dragon are a group.
Please note, the same performers working under different names do NOT count as different groups.

Team - A collection of up to 5 entries.  Entries may include individuals or groups. If an individual or group entry chooses to enter multiple categories, they will be required to pay for each category. Example: Jon Human; the Jon Human/Jane Dragon Duo; Joe Orc; Jeff Dwarf; and the Jimmy Elf Trio are all performers/groups and thus covered in one team. The Fantasy Five Armies.

Normal entry fees per performer/group would be $5. A collective of 5 performers/groups would be admitted for $20 ($5 discount).
Entering as part of a group makes the group eligible to win Favorite Team and/or Highest Scoring Team and the prizes offered thus.

Additionally - Individuals/Groups may compete up to once in as many Categories/Side Events as they wish as long as the applicable fees are paid. They may join as many teams as they want. Example: the Jon Human/Jane Dragon Duo are treated as different entities from Jon Human. As long as he pays the applicable admission fees, Jon Human could potentially be a part of multiple different groups and perform with them all, but he would get really tired by the end of the event.

Please note - Reasonable scheduling accommodation will be made to enable Individuals/Groups to perform in multiple programs, if an Individual/Group registers to compete in a category and they do not arrive at their appointed time in a program to give their performance, they forfeit that potential score and admission fee.

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