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Changes: Grand Tournament, the Site, etc - This Joust In Vol 1, Issue 1 (formerly The Bard Newsletter)

This Joust In...'s a funny pun. Thank you Andy Pear from Facebook!

If you've been to before you may notice a couple things have changed. First, the name of the newsletter has changed from "The Bard" (which, let's face it, was bland) to "This Joust In" which, okay, cheesy pun, but hopefully you got a smile from it. Also, we've changed the name of the "Store" to "The Pawn Shop" (thanks Steve Brightman!). Again, cheesy pun, but still fun.  When we get our MP3 stores up and running we'll probably call them Knight Tracks (thanks Jack Smith).

Why all the Knight puns? ... Why not? Words are supposed to be fun!

Banner by Eli Williams
The Grand Tournament 2018 entries are in full swing of acceptance. For those of you out of the loop, we are switching up the formula. Previous years had entries starting with the Page round where people would submit their manuscripts, then the best manuscripts would be chosen to perform in the Stage round. This year, we're having the Stage round first and the top performances advance to the Page round where our judges will choose the top written pieces to advance into the final Stage round.

The idea here is a fest type atmosphere. We have three venues booked for July 27-28 in Downtown Canton AND we are looking for vendors to buy spots along Court Ave NW between 6th St and 3rd St.

Our current plans accommodate 120 performers over nine programs in Poetry, Music, Comedy and Storytelling in Fiction & NonFiction. We want to surpass that.  If you know anyone or you are someone who would be interested: here's the link for more information and entry.

Also, we might be partnering up with Oddmall in cross promotion as we are having overlapping events during that weekend.

Writing Knights' Take the Knight Off - Inspiration Showcase has already done great things in 2018.  Our February and March shows were brim full of amazing performers.  Add to that, we are starting to edit the raw footage down to digestible video lengths for the casual viewer we imagine the shows will start ramping up. 
March 2018
February 2018

April has an amazing line up with Michael Salinger, Carla Thompson and Grand Tournament 2017 Storytelling Champion: Aurora Stone Mehlman.

On Social Media, we are going to try to make our posts a little more conversational. Our "spammy" promotion of books and events is going out the window.  Replacing it will be posts asking questions about the things we are trying to promote.  I am not sure how exactly we are going to handle the promotion of books and events yet, but we will figure it out as we go, much like we usually do with Writing Knights Press as a whole. 

In submission news:
 -- Writing Knights will be producing the Hessler Street Poetry Anthology again this year.  It was a great experience last year and we are eager to do it again. Here is the link.
 -- Our next edition of The Wayward Sword: Break the Mold is accepting submissions. We have three specialization calls as well as the general call for poems which "put an end to a restrictive pattern of events or behavior by doing things in a markedly different way." Here is the Wayward Sword link to the submissions and the recent release of Vol 2, Issue 1: Heroes Villains Death.
 -- Less news and more of a reminder, Writing Knights is always accepting FourPlay submissions. If you are or know a new author looking to test the waters of written commerce: here is the link.

Finally, in book store news, if you haven't noticed littered through this newsletter have been photos of our shelves. Our space at Avenue Arts in downtown Canton is getting pretty full. We need to start making more cash so we can get more space and put up more shelves, to sell more books, etc. So if you know anyone in the Canton Area who is looking to buy or donate used books, send them our way.

Additionally, once we get the LLC worked out we will start offering new books by mainstream authors in multiple genres.

That's it for now. We are going to try to do this once a month (maybe making up for missing January and February).  Check us out on Facebook (and our new Facebook Group), Twitter and Instagram.

Azriel Johnson
Director of Writing Knights
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