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Social Media Revelation - This Joust In - Vol 1 Issue 2

I honestly should have known better. I am not an idiot when it comes to tech stuff. I should have realized and applied myself earlier about the change in Facebook's algorithm (algorithm is a pain in the ass to remember how to spell by the way). So, this lack of adaptation almost lead to me having 10 submissions for the Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology.  The common response I received from people was they "didn't see any promotion" on social media.

Thankfully, I had my one last ditch effort and went through two full contact lists and sent out a mess of a couple mass-type emailings and we now have a full, thick, throbbing collection of submissions for me to go through and let everyone know who is in, come May 23rd at Happy Dog (facebook event).

Even if you aren't included in the anthology, you should absolutely attend the show and get a copy of the book. All of the proceeds go towards the Hessler Street Fair and that is one of the few institutions we absolutely love.

Click Read More for news about additional Submission Calls.

National Poetry Month is coming to a close in a few days and Writing Knights is charging ahead with our 10/30 (ten well crafted poems in 30 days). Submissions for that go from May 1-May 10 for inclusion in a Wayward Sword litmag to be determined later. Details here.

The Wayward Sword: Break the Mold has extended the submission guideline to May 10 and is reflected in a Facebook Event. There are five different calls.
Break the Mold.
Personify Poems.
Cover Art.

The Grand Tournament is still looking for submissions. There is a $5 entry fee (per person, per category) and a questionnaire we ask all entrants to fill out

We also plan to have Vendors and Sponsors (we already have 1 sponsor, but are seeking more). So if any press or artist related person is looking to get a super inexpensive booth at a potentially well attended event, hit us up.

Other information about the Grand Tournament can be found under Grand Tournament 2018 up at the top of this page.

Original Book Cover from Wikipedia
In the tradition of haikuists who submitted for 1,000 Paper Cranes, Writing Knights is opening another submission call for 1,000 haiku under the name: "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" from August to the end of October.

Last but not least, we are always accepting FourPlay submissions from new authors (or at least new to Writing Knights authors). Details here.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see submissions from all of you for something!

Azriel Johnson
Director of Writing Knights 
PS - If you would like to be added to the "This Joust In" mailing list, send an email to with the subject line: "Add me to the mailing list"

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