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And the Hessler Winners are... - This Joust In Vol 1 Issue 3

Greetings and Salutations everyone!

Azriel Johnson here with the results of the Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology Contest.

Before I reveal to those who have not seen the show, I just want to thank everyone again for showing up and sharing themselves. We had amazing work shared.  According to the judges the decisions were difficult to make and I'm certainly glad I was the host, rather than one of the judges.

If you want to watch all of the performances for yourself, here is the video:
(click Read More to see it and the results)

If you want to watch the video and also spoil it, keep reading. :)

Third place and winner of $25 - Mary Turzillo
Second place and winner of $50 - Ross Martyn Hayes
First place and winner of $100 - Sy Castells

This is one more reminder about the Grand Tournament submissions being open until June 2nd. Here is the link to the Entry page. Questions can be directed to WK Pressman on Facebook or

There will be a second part to this newsletter probably this weekend.  It will go over changes being made to the Wayward Sword as well as the new competition Writing Knights is putting together. We will also include photos from the Hessler Street Fair Poetry Contest reading.

Thank you for reading and we'll see you again this weekend!
Azriel Johnson

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